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The Blockchain-Enhanced Marketplace for the global $340 Billion PPE and Medical Supplies Industry

Who We Are

We are a team of career medical device professionals, regulatory professionals, doctors, allied health professionals, blockchain and MIS specialists, and business advisors, collectively representing hundreds of years of experience. Our goal is to quickly: (1) Streamline the global PPE industry (COVID19 supplies, etc); and (2) democratize the global medical device industry; and make them more efficient. These are heavily regulated industries. While MedXchange is initially focused on the PPE and broader medical device industry, it will be sufficiently flexible and scalable to add other categories of regulated health care ecosystems, such as pharmaceuticals, laboratory equipment, and services. 

The Why?

There is an immediate need to streamline the PPE industry. Beyond that, there is a need for the broader medical device market to be streamlined, democratized and made more effective. The medical device industry faces significant challenges, in the United States but also globally. Many countries around the world are facing the same intensifying costs of medical devices and supplies and health care in general, and are trying to address costs by reducing reimbursement rates, establishing price caps, requiring mandatory price reductions, using diagnostic related groups (DRGs), and limiting funds available for medical device purchases. With steeply increasing medical device costs, a secure solution for transparency and cost savings can have a massive impact on society. 


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Get in touch to learn more about our platform, our upcoming IEO, the release of our white paper and our plans to disrupt the medical device ecosystem. 

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