MedCash ICO has been Paused 

Please see our announcement on our News Page

ICO Status: Paused

Whitelist: Yes

Starting date: To be advised

Ending date:  To be advised

Token Symbol: MEDCASH

Token Type: ERC-20 

Initial Token Price: $0.50 USD

Minimum Purchase: $100 USD

Payment accepted:  Fiat/Credit Card; BTC,


*Bonus Tokens: Bonus Tokens are available on a first-come first-served basis as follows -

  (a) During the first week of the ICO - 1.15 Tokens will be provided for each $.50 USD transferred;
  (b) During the second week of the ICO - 1.10 Tokens will be provided;
  (c) During the third week of the ICO - 1.05 Tokens will be provided;
  (d) During the remainder of the ICO - 1 Token will be provided;


Token Distribution: 55%: Sold; 15%: Team (on vesting schedules); 10%: Co-Sponsor/Use case provider; 1% Pre-white paper supporters; 4% Consultants (on vesting schedules); 5%: Technical tokens for stabilization and partnerships; 5%: Bounties; 5%: Further Development / Liquidity Reserve. In addition, the percentage of tokens the team has will remain at 15% regardless of how many tokens are burned.

Token Burning: The Company will burn 50% of the MedCash (MEDCASH) tokens over the next 3 years and decrease the MedCash (MEDCASH) supply. 

User Growth: The MedXchange ecosystem will be powered by our cryptographic token called MedCash (MEDCASH), a tradable token granting token holders exclusive access to the MedXchange ecosystem. The MEDCASH token is fully integrated in the MedXchange ecosystem and the participation in all components of the ecosystem will be done exclusively with MEDCASH tokens. 


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