MedXchange Announced on Bitcointalk. Hong Kong, 16 March 2018. Today MedXchange announced that the company's ANN thread was initialized on bitcointalk, the world's leading Bitcoin forum dedicated to topics such as Ripple, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Investments. The MedXchange ANN thread can be found here: MedXchange Bitcointalk.

MedCash ICO to Accept Fiat and AltCoins. Hong Kong, 30 March 2018. Today the Medxchange Team announced that the company will accept Fiat as well as many other altcoins in its main ICO starting on April 1, 2018. The company also lowered the minimum buy-in amount to $10 USD and created a fixed price conversion for the main ICO. The ICO will accept: Fiat/Credit Card/Paypal; BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH, EOS, MONERO. Other currencies may be added. 

MedCash ICO Goes Live. Hong Kong, 1 April 2018. The much anticipated ICO of Medcash went live today. Medcash is an ERC20 token that exclusively fuels the platform, the world's first blockchain for the $340 billion global medical supplies industry.  MedXchange plans to democratize the global medical device industry by: (i) disintermediating the ecosystem and making it more efficient; (ii) facilitating and securing the global exchange of medical devices, supplies and payments; and (iii) lowering patient/customer or insurance
cost, while improving margins for manufacturers. The minimum sign-up amount in the  Medcash ICO is only $10 USD. Investors wishing to sign up please go here: 

Where is the "Smart Money" Going? Hong Kong, 5 April 2018. Today's story in Marketwatch is spot on. The "smart money" is now looking at the long term plays. What businesses are using blockchain to transform industries, and have real business models. All the "me-too" business models will die. And so will most of the alt coins. There is a lot of noise out there right now. The successful models will: (i) have large industries (ii) save billions of dollars through disintermediation, or efficiencies, or both (iii) democratize by leveling the playing fields (iv) have strong management with deep understanding and experience of the industry they are transforming. Take a look at MedXchange  and decide if this one meets those criteria. We believe it does. We're here for the long haul. We are backed by real world businesses and decades of leadership. The Marketwatch story is here: 

MedXchange Appoints CTO Hong Kong, 10 April 2018. Today MedXchange announced the appointment of Albert “Ab” DeWeese as Chief Technology Officer effective immediately. Mr. DeWeese’s career spans almost 15 years as a physicist, software developer/manager, test automation engineer and venture capitalist.  He worked for St Jude Medical, one of the largest medical device companies in the world, as well as VI Technology and Good Automation, a company he founded and grew to be a leading provider of automated test systems and validation services. Mr. DeWeese also founded and managed the software development for a groundbreaking SAAS solution for the security industry. Mr. DeWeese holds a BA in Physics from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

MedXchange Expands Team Dramatically Hong Kong, 11 April 2018. Today MedXchange announced the addition of 5 individuals to its growing team representing a combined 70 years experience in software development, Big Data, IoT, network systems, engineering and operations. The appointments included Tik Sze (BS Eng.) as VP of Systems Engineering; Jeff Tippey (MS Eng.) as Director, Systems Architecture; John "JP" Perceful as Manager, Special Projects and Incentive Programs; Kameron “Kam” Hawkins (BS Eng.) as Special Projects Engineer; and Jennifer Gray as Operations Manager. The expanded, reconstituted team profiles can be found here:

Medxchange To Register ICO in USA; Temporarily Suspends ICO Hong Kong, 15 April 2018. Today MedXchange announced the that the Company has received significant interest in its Medcash ICO from US investors. For this and other strategic long term reasons the company plans to pursue registration with the United States Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and seek compliance with all federal and state authorities in the USA as appropriate. The company also plans to open dialogues with various US venture capital groups related to its initiatives for Medxchange.  For these reasons, and effective immediately the Company is temporarily suspending the Medcash ICO until further notice. Said Julian Ross, founder of Medxchange: “We believe this is a step in the right direction for us. In the long term we will be stronger and we are excited for the expanded opportunities and potential this move represents for the Company.”

About MedXchange. MedXchange seeks to democratize the global medical device industry by: (i) disintermediating the ecosystem and making it more efficient; (ii) facilitating and securing the global exchange of medical devices, supplies and payments; and (iii) lowering patient/customer or insurance cost. The platform combines off chain databases and other security capabilities with blockchain verification, immutability and security capabilities to create a frictionless global marketplace for the $340 billion global medical supplies industry. is fueled by Medcash, a safe, secure and compliant Ethereum currency. To learn more please visit    


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